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Google Virus is a harmful browser hijacking virus that changes the hosts file and hijacks chrome, firefox and ie browsers. The Google Virus will infect system files and change DNS to re-direct Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN result links to fake advertising web pages. When installed Google Virus may monitor computing actions and execute malicious payloads and irritating popup advertisements. Google Virus is a security and privacy risk that that can collect your sensitive data and degrade your computer speed.

Scan your system for Google Virus and remove all related malware in less than 3 minutes. Keep your computer shielded against downloaders, exploits, viruses, pornware and all types of security threats.

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Important note: The free diagnostic tool does not include malware removal capabilities. If you wish to remove Google Redirect Virus from your computer, you have to purchase the full registered version.  
Damage level: High
Removal level: Difficult
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Google Virus alias threats
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Common signs of Google Virus threat

  • System flooded with malicious programs
  • Inactivated antimalware applications
  • Harvested system information
  • Corrupt registry keys
Google Virus executable files
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Google Virus dynamic-link library files
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Additional files related to Google Virus
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